Choose Your Colors to Create Emotions

color-wheel-cool-vs-warmColor choices are important for a variety of reasons. However, one of the most important is the way color can evoke certain feelings. This is why the choice of colors that you pick for your website is so important. Whatever the focus of your site, attention to color choices will help you to attract the kinds of readers and clients that you desire.

Colors are fit into two basic categories – warm and cool. Warm colors, such as orange or yellow, do what the category implies – make us feel warm and cozy. If you were to use warm colors in a room, for example, the room would appear smaller rather than larger.

Cool colors, on the other hand, such as blue or green, remind us of cool elements of nature such as the water or the sky. Using cool colors in a room would make the room appear larger.

For websites, if you had a website that offers winter cabins for rental, warm colors on your website would invoke a feeling of warmth and coziness in the cold winter weather. If you had a website that offers scuba diving lessons, cool colors that coordinated wth blue water and the blue sky would be a good choice.

Two Examples of Warm Colors:


Red is a primary color that can invoke a sense of dominance. Using red on a website with black lettering sets off a bold, fiery image that makes a dramatic statement. Using other colors such as white and pink, along with the red can tone the color to invoke a calmer feel.


Yellow is also a primary color and one of the warmest colors on the color wheel. Using yellow on a website always helps to invoke a cozy welcoming feel to a website, and is a perfect color for something like a cooking website or a baby website.

Two Examples of Cool Colors


Green is a color that makes us feel calm. The color is perfect for a nature website filled with plants and trees invoking a sense of serenity and calm.


Blue is a primary color that is a favorite for many websites. It is a cool color that gives off a sense of stability and peace. Blue is also a color that mixes well with a warm color, such as yellow, to create a pleasing design.

Other popular colors on the design wheel include purple that sets off an image of creativity and individuality or orange that invokes energy and balance, or white which is a pure, clean color. Study a color wheel to determine the right colors for your website, living space, and lots more.

Why You Should Invest in Tesla Stocks

Tesla Inc has become one of the most controversial companies in the market today. Bullish investors claim that the biggest electric vehicle maker is poised for huge revenue and profit as people gradually look for ways to reduce their carbon footprint. Bearish investors, on the other hand, think that the firm is still burning capital and that their stocks is highly overvalued using any conventional valuation metric.

Well, both the bulls and the bears have valid points, but reasons to invest in Tesla’s stock overweigh the reasons not to.

1. Insanely Loyal Consumers

A recent survey by Consumer Reports stated that Tesla is the best among all automakers when it comes to owner satisfaction. Consumer Reports data shows that a staggering 91% of Tesla car owners say they would buy the same car if they had to do it all over again.

Also, according to Indexes, Tesla has a net promoter score of 96, making it first among auto brands. This number represents how often people would recommend a brand for others.

2. Low-Cost Marketing

The media covers every move that the company makes, and this provides the firm with free advertising. Also, the CEO, Elon Musk has a stunning fan base of 9.1 Million followers on Twitter, and all this makes it easy for the firm to get the word out regarding new products quickly. This usually leads to high demand for their new products and less expenditure on marketing.

3. Acess to SpaceX Engineers

SpaceX is another growing company founded and led by Elon Musk. Of course, the guy knows a few things regarding materials science, engineering, and manufacturing. He has also admitted employing a few techniques learned at SpaceX to his car business. Of course, having some SpaceX engineers at his disposal can indeed and has evidently contributed to the growth of the business.

The company also has a supercharger network and has an excellent reputation. All this makes it almost certain that the business is headed up even more.

Where To Find The Best Rock Bars In NYC

Are you planning to take your family on vacation in New York City? Aside from the most popular tourist attractions, one of the things you shouldn’t miss in the city that never sleeps is its vibrant nightlife. In particular, there are plenty of bars all around the city in which you can enjoy some of the best music in the world. Regardless of the genre, you prefer listening to; you will surely find one that matches your tastes. If the rock is your genre of choice, then there is plenty of reasons to rejoice. Keep reading to learn where you can find the best rock bars in NYC.

When talking about rock bars, one of the first places that often come to mind is Manhattan. However, there are other areas in the city that prove to be just as good when it comes to rock music. In particular, you may want to visit Brooklyn neighborhoods including Williamsburg and Green point. For several years, these less popular areas have rivaled Manhattan as the best place in the city to listen to live music.

What’s great about the town of New York is that you get to experience rock music from famous musicians and budding artists. It’s interesting to note that some of the best rock bands to ever hit the stage have started their music careers in one of the small bars in New York.

If you want to witness some of these musicians in action, then you can do a quick search to find out some of the best bars in the city. There are plenty of guides that will point you to some of the fascinating places to visit if you want some live music. What’s more, these are also where you can enjoy delicious cuisine and homemade beers and other drinks served by the professional bartender trainned from best BARTENDING SCHOOL NYC. You better prepare yourself for endless rock ‘n’ roll every night.

Lead Generation with Social Platforms

Social media has changed many aspects of our society. It’s not just a place where people share information. Companies are using social platforms like Facebook and Twitter to generate a substantial amount of traffic to their websites. The more people that you have coming to your offers, the more sales you are going to make. Additionally, it’s an excellent way to build a list on your autoresponder using social media platforms. Let’s look at how you could make this happen, and a couple of tips on how to get people to subscribe to your list.

Why Social Media Works With The Generation

Traditionally lead generation advertising has been centered around PPC advertising and search engine optimization techniques. You can drive very specific and targeted individuals to these lead capture pages which will motivate them to subscribe. You could be giving away something for free that they can download, or a discount on a product you are selling. This also works with social media websites like Facebook and Twitter because you can target very specific audiences.

How To Get People To Subscribe

Once you have consistent traffic coming to those lead capture pages, you can get to subscriptions at the same time. For example, if you are using the PPC advertising on Facebook to target specific demographics, you can have them like your Facebook page, and subsequently, subscribe to your newsletter. This is what people are doing all the time which allows them to build two separate lists. This allows you to email these individuals any time that you want with offers that you have, plus they will see these offers when you post them on your Facebook newsfeed. These tips should help you get started toward building a substantial list using these lead generation techniques that work with social platforms.

Why User Experience Is A Vital Part Of SEO

websites-can-no-longer-treat-seo-and-ux-as-2-separate-thingsWhen many people think about SEO strategies, they get focused on linkbacks and keywords. Don’t let your¬†internet marketing firm forget about the people that will actually be using the site.

However, user experience can be extremely important to the health of your site. If your goal is to grow your website, you need to make sure that it is easy and pleasant to navigate.

Of course Moz had a white board Friday about the subject but if you don’t want to watch the video, you can read a summary below.

User Experience Can Impact Your Bounce Rate

If a site is difficult to navigate, a lot of people will simply click away from it. After all, there are plenty of sites on the internet. There is no reason for people to waste their time on a site that isn’t working for them.

If your site is difficult or unpleasant to use, a lot of people will go elsewhere. If your bounce rate is high, then your SEO will suffer.

The Top-Ranked Sites Have Clear Site Maps

If you spend some time on the biggest sites on the internet, you will start to see how easy they are to navigate. If you are interested in finding something specific, you can typically located it within three clicks.

When search engines crawl your site, they try to browse a number of pages. If your site doesn’t have a clear site map, a number of pages won’t be indexed.

Return Users Are A Good Thing

Search engines can tell when a person is coming back to a site again and again. If a site is getting a lot of return users, its search engine rankings will improve.

As you can see, user experience is one of the most important aspects of SEO. If you want your site to be successful, you need to make your users your top priority.