Lead Generation with Social Platforms

Social media has changed many aspects of our society. It’s not just a place where people share information. Companies are using social platforms like Facebook and Twitter to generate a substantial amount of traffic to their websites. The more people that you have coming to your offers, the more sales you are going to make. Additionally, it’s an excellent way to build a list on your autoresponder using social media platforms. Let’s look at how you could make this happen, and a couple of tips on how to get people to subscribe to your list.

Why Social Media Works With The Generation

Traditionally lead generation advertising has been centered around PPC advertising and search engine optimization techniques. You can drive very specific and targeted individuals to these lead capture pages which will motivate them to subscribe. You could be giving away something for free that they can download, or a discount on a product you are selling. This also works with social media websites like Facebook and Twitter because you can target very specific audiences.

How To Get People To Subscribe

Once you have consistent traffic coming to those lead capture pages, you can get to subscriptions at the same time. For example, if you are using the PPC advertising on Facebook to target specific demographics, you can have them like your Facebook page, and subsequently, subscribe to your newsletter. This is what people are doing all the time which allows them to build two separate lists. This allows you to email these individuals any time that you want with offers that you have, plus they will see these offers when you post them on your Facebook newsfeed. These tips should help you get started toward building a substantial list using these lead generation techniques that work with social platforms.