Choose Your Colors to Create Emotions

color-wheel-cool-vs-warmColor choices are important for a variety of reasons. However, one of the most important is the way color can evoke certain feelings. This is why the choice of colors that you pick for your website is so important. Whatever the focus of your site, attention to color choices will help you to attract the kinds of readers and clients that you desire.

Colors are fit into two basic categories – warm and cool. Warm colors, such as orange or yellow, do what the category implies – make us feel warm and cozy. If you were to use warm colors in a room, for example, the room would appear smaller rather than larger.

Cool colors, on the other hand, such as blue or green, remind us of cool elements of nature such as the water or the sky. Using cool colors in a room would make the room appear larger.

For websites, if you had a website that offers winter cabins for rental, warm colors on your website would invoke a feeling of warmth and coziness in the cold winter weather. If you had a website that offers scuba diving lessons, cool colors that coordinated wth blue water and the blue sky would be a good choice.

Two Examples of Warm Colors:


Red is a primary color that can invoke a sense of dominance. Using red on a website with black lettering sets off a bold, fiery image that makes a dramatic statement. Using other colors such as white and pink, along with the red can tone the color to invoke a calmer feel.


Yellow is also a primary color and one of the warmest colors on the color wheel. Using yellow on a website always helps to invoke a cozy welcoming feel to a website, and is a perfect color for something like a cooking website or a baby website.

Two Examples of Cool Colors


Green is a color that makes us feel calm. The color is perfect for a nature website filled with plants and trees invoking a sense of serenity and calm.


Blue is a primary color that is a favorite for many websites. It is a cool color that gives off a sense of stability and peace. Blue is also a color that mixes well with a warm color, such as yellow, to create a pleasing design.

Other popular colors on the design wheel include purple that sets off an image of creativity and individuality or orange that invokes energy and balance, or white which is a pure, clean color. Study a color wheel to determine the right colors for your website, living space, and lots more.